what is women’s suffrage


What is feminism?Is it something bad? Something negative?Is it as negative as it is now portrayed as?Is it an anti-male school of thought?In my opinion,feminism is something important,something positive,something worthwhile.To me,feminism is nothing negative.

lt is o great thing that women now know about their rights and have decided to speak up for themselves,against violence,against gender-discrimination,against disrespect.lt is important to be respected for everyone.Not just humans,but animals also need to be respected.To me,feminism is about getting the basic rights for women who are oppressed.lt is about getting them their very basic human rights that they have been deprived of.Women all around the world are raped,teased,touched without consent,they are beaten,they are abused both physically and psychologically.lf you are not one of those women,consider yourself really lucky and praise God for it but please don’t deny the fact that women are ill-treated very commonly.To me,feminism means snonkinn lin ctnnninn thic hallich lnnn of speaking up,stopping this hellish loop of physical and psychological abuse to women.The modern feminists have deviated from the real purpose of feminism.) see modern feminists using feminism as a shield to act all ignorant.That is not what feminism is about.To me,Feminism is NOT about using the fact that you are a woman to justify all sorts of weird behaviour,to justify your hatred towards men and to try and oppress men.Feminism is only about getting rid of male-chauvinism.The idea that males can oppress women and get away with it needs to be put an end to.However,I believe that feminism shouldn’t be used to get revenge.lt shouldn’t be used to make women hate men.Because no matter whets man needs a woman and a woman needs a man.They both complete each other.None of them is dependent on the other but companionship is a beautiful thing.There are some amazing men in the world.Men who love their partners,who provide them the comfort and security that we all crave in the relationship,men who stand up against people who mistreat women.Those men need to be treasured.resaected and loved.However.the
treasured,respected and loved.However,the men who ore chauvinists,they need to be corrected,not hated.l proudly call myself a feminist.) am a hardcore feminist and their is no doubt about that at all.However,everytime I say that,somebody always automatically assumes that I hate men and I am not capable of respecting a man or that I can’t be a good wife.That is not what being a feminist means you guysiBeing a feminist means only that I am capable of judging what I should be accepting from something and when to tell someone to stop.That I know where to say no and that I can define limits.That I will defend women where they need to be defended and correct them where they are wrong.That I will stand up against what is wrong whether a man is doing it or a woman.That is all it means to be a feminist.No hatred for males,no disrespect for males,no negativity and anti-male thoughts.,

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