memorable incident of my life

i pluged into my memories to get the best

day in my life. after may hours of thinking

and tracing old memories i reached a

conclusion.the best and happiest day in my

life was my birthday.really, i think it is

the happiest day inmy life beacuse everyone

shows his live to me in a way or another. my

parents and grandparents surround mw with

love and joy. they always get me nice gifts

that i would never forget. last birthday,

they got me dolls, favorite stories to read

and an amazing watch. my friends shows their

love in different ways. they share me the

best day inmy life. we sing birthday

songs,dance happily and do all fun together.

their gifts fill my room. wherever i look in

my room, i remember one of the best friends,

so they are always with me.even my teachers

never forget to congratulate me with motherly

words such as you are cute girls and one of

the best. as my friends share me my birthday,

i share them theirs.

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