marriage and life problems

Marriage People say that marriage is not a bond between two people, it is a bond between two families. disagree with that statement. Marriage is a bond between two people and it is meant to form the basis for a new family. Marriage is not about a guy satisfying a girl’s family or the girl satisfying the guy’s is about the guy and the girl developing mutual love and respect for each other, accepting each other with their flaws and gently helping each other become better versions of themselves. Marriage is about two people working on their relationship and making their lives comfortable to provide a peaceful, loving and supporting environment for the next is about providing a productive and nurturing environment for your offsprings. Marriage and understanding between two people are important because it is only when two people are comfortable around each other that they will be able to bring up a good person. Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults. What needs to be understood is that once you have children, it is important to focus.once you have children, it is important to focus on the fact that every little thing that happens, your every action, every word will affect the child in some way.if a man and a woman are not happy or comfortable with each other or if there are other family members interfering in a child’s life, the child’s personality will be affected really badly. A child’s mind is pure and it can be molded into a beautiful, wondering and intellectual brain or it can be manipulated into being mean, bitter towards people and just generally is all dependant on the environment that the child is provided with. We see people who have weird personalities or people who are committing crimes without any reason or ones who give in to their carnal desires really easily. We need to understand that somewhere when we trace their past, there is always something that happened in their childhood that has made them the way they are today. Sometimes, it is abusive fathers. Sometimes, psychologically disturbed mothers. Sometimes, it is the fact that they were bullied as a child by family members for whatever reasons. As we grow, our brains
whatever reasons. As we grow, our brains mature and people’s words and actions stop affecting us as much. But as children, the words and actions get etched onto their minds and make them bitter towards life and towards people. All these events and things make them seek revenge. So basically, the environment that a child gets brought up in affects the whole society. This is the reason why a properly matched marriage is important for not only the mental health of the people getting married but also for the next generation’s mental health and the betterment of society.) believe that nobody should ever be forced into marriage just because they are now a certain age or because the elders in the family want them to get married or because of financial reasons.) believe that when parents are trying to find their children a spouse, they need to focus on finding someone who is compatible with their child. To let the couple know about each other in a halal way. To let them decide to some extent whether they are compatible or not. This is marriage to me. This is what the bond of marriage actually means for two people and the society.

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