how to tell if he loves you but is scared

hey this Hellena this artical i am going to be talking about how to be tell if a man is afraid to fall for you. i am gonna be sharing four signs that a mna might be intreseted in you on some level but there’s also something that might be holding him back . i can’t tell you how many women i hear from every week who are in this situation and i certainly been there myself. so i know how confusing and frustrating it can be some time so hopefully. this artical will help you out of this is something you are going through right now but before iget started if this is your first time to my website go ahead and click on facebook follow link to get all of my articles on how to attract the man and the relationship you want. so let’s get started the first sign that a man right be afriad to fall for you some kind of relationship baggage that he has maybe. he is cheated on before or there was some issue negative emotional charge. so men who have been hurt before and they have not worked through it might afraid for afraid of falling for a women and getting into a new relationship beacuse they don’t want to get hurt again and it’s definitely understandable but you know it’s one of those things where if he’s so hung up on something that’s happened to him in his past. He might nit be able to get over it in time to you know pursue you and be with you especially. If you are not going to hang around forever waiting for him. so that’s the first sign if he’s been hurt before and it’s something he’s talked about with you. He could be letting you know on some level that he’s not really available or ready to jump into another serious relationship. The second sign that a man might be afraid to fall for you is if he’s giving you mixed signals. Now this could just indicate that he likes you and he does not know if you are intrested. I did a whole article on what to if a man is giving you a mixed signals. If you are ready to know once and for all if he’s truly intrested.

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