getting over a broken heart

Is it better to be heart broken or to break hearts?A question that has been bothering me for quite a few days it a bad thing to care too much?To love people,to love everyone,to feel for it odd if you feel pained when you see another person in pain,

no matter whons it odd if seeing any human or animal in pain makes you upset.lf you cry for other people as well as for loving people generally without any benefits,without over-expressing it to them,without being too obvious,like loving them without showing it too much,without saying it too much and without being too obvious something so rare?Is it something only I feel?Is it a problem?Is it something I should try to stop?Is it not normal to care for everyone,specially when anybody is in pain or needs any form of help?Is it not normal to feel an intense need to speak up for other people? Is it not needed?Should it not be done?Should I not be feeling so much?Am I overly sensitive? Will it hurt me?Wel1,1 know it will hurt me for hurts me right now as well. take people’s words and their actions too hurts me right now as well.’ take people’s words and their actions too seriously.I take it to heart.Whether the words are from a stranger or from someone I know!AII my life,I have not been able to ignore people’s opinions about rne.All my life,’ have cared way too much.Given my atleast 95% to people who didn’t even bother giving me their 40% maybe and still got told that I was at fault in the end.Still ended up feeling guilty for things I had never done.I STILL CARED.I have hated my self for things I had no control over.I have loathed myself for making the mistakes that any young girl would make.I have trusted the wrong people.I still care too much about people.What somebody says still upsets melt still hurts when I lose a friend.’ believed that was normal but seeing so many people not caring at all about who stays or who goes,who gets hurt or who is depressed because of the hurt their words have caused,’ have started doubting it.Maybe it isn’t normallMaybe I am at fault.But going through everything,’ still believe one thing.) still believe that being heartbroken might hurt more but it is still so much better than breaking hearts.I still believe I could than breaking hearts.l still believe I could never live with the guilt of doing that to someone.

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