Elves And The Shoe Maker

Once upon a time there lived a Shoemaker and his wife. through Shoemaker used to earn his Daily Bread by making new shoes, and selling them in the market in spite of all his hard work. He couldn’t manage to earn enough money through his business. they were struggling to keep a roof over their heads add last. the day came when the Shoemaker had no money left to buy leather for new shoes. <input type=”hidden” name=”IL_IN_ARTICLE”>
all he was left with was one last piece of leather in his entire shop. this might be the last chance to work on the shoe. I will show the best shoe with this letter. he sat down as he did every day for many years. he carefully cut the Leather by the time. it was sunset he had finished the cutting and began just. so the shoes it was night time, he said the shoes down on the table. I will stop for today tomorrow. I will complete the pair. what is the workshop door and left for home the next day. he got ready early in the morning Sudhir, today, is the last day of the workshop. it’s all going to be over soon. the Shoemaker knew that her encouragement. he smiled at her and left for work when he opened the workshop. he found something unbelievable there was a pair of nicely colored shoes with delicate embroidery sitting in the spot. where he had left his work how is this possible anyway. I did not waste any time I should sell this masterpiece in the market. you rushed to the market and sold the shoes with the money. he earned he bought more leather for the rest of the day. he sat in his Workshop cutting the new leather to make more shoes. as the day and did he left for home leaving the unfinished shoes behind. at dinner time he told his wife about the incident, that I told you don’t lose hope. you are a hard-working man sooner or later. we get what we deserve the next morning. when he returned to the shop to his astonishment. he found several pairs of beautiful shoes kept on the table. where he had left pieces of leather. where is this some miracle throughout these years. I was struggling to earn through my heart get it managed to do. so I think someone is trying to help me again he rushed to Market. bought more leather carefully cut out leather for several pairs of shoes and left those on his work.

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