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how to memorise a speech

I’ll explain how tomemorize a speech, but first let’s talkabout why you’d want to do thatdelivering a speech. without notes islike walking a tightrope. you don’t haveany support and the fear of messing upcan be pretty scary. but you don’t wantto feel scared you want to feel superconfident. and that’s why most peoplewant to memorize […]

my heart gently weeps

My heart weeps and I am in pain.Can’t understand what’s wrong!The frustration,the pain of never being good enough,of always being criticised is getting to me.The pain of always being misunderstood,of always being the one who’s proven wrong,of always being the one that’s left alone, of never being able to control my reactions,never being able to […]

true love never ends

Love What is love?Just a chemical reaction?Or an actual thing?Dosoulmates exist?Do people actually fall in love or is it just infatuation?I remember as a child,) always believed in the fairytale version of love.The guy and girl falling heads over heals for each other. Loving each other to bits.Ready to do anything for each other.That is the idea of love and romance that is fed […]