Don’t talk with your mouth full. it’s ok, Tia is just you and me. I think the only way to get you eat

quietly is to tell you a story. yes! yes! Tia.

Bad habits:-

once upon a time, a rich businessman lived with his 8 year old boy. the businessman loved his son. but

hated that he had some bad habits. worried about his son’s Behavior the man went to wise master. ‘o’

wise master, my son is a very good boy but he has picked some unhealthy habits which I cannot get him

to let go. I worry about him all the time. please help me. bring him to me tomorrow morning the next

morning. the man did ask the monster had said, he brought his boy to him I’m son let’s go for a walk.

the boys obeyed. they went for a walk in the garden.

They Came Upon a little sapling. put out the saplings for me the boy did that easily and presented the

master with the sapling very well. now you see that small plant about to me the boy. I did as us and

easily purse to plant out. next the monster asked him to pull out a bush it took some effort. the boy

did that to know see that’s more treason all that out for me. the boy went to the small tree and though

it took him a lot of effort and struggle. he pulled it out for the monster very well done finally look

at that big tree over there. who’s got out to for me. the boy tried and tried but the tree did not

budge finally tired the boy gave up. I am sorry why is mosca. I cannot believe that tree out it. is old

and strong bad habits are just like the plants and trees. when they are new like the cycling you can

get rid of them quick and easily. if you let them stay and grow the true strong and become like the old

tree that cannot forgive me master. I Now understand what my father has been trying to tell me, I will

drop all my bad habits from now on what is talking with food in my mouth becomes my bad habit do. I

will stop it right now. I will never talk with food in my mouth ever again that’s great thank you to

who favorite friends.

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